News Update!

PThank you for visiting our website! Latest changes made:11/19/2015

Visit us at our all NEW Roland Ranch Facebook Page!  We will post pictures more often there.

We are taking names for tentative reservations for serious buyers. See our reserve page for details. We have a total of 4 females and 5 males. I’m combining the litters for our reservation list.


Sissy (liver & white) x Bushman puppies whelped on 10/27/2015 

Christmas Puppies!!! (Ready to go home between December 15th and December 25th)

Two males and one female. All Liver roan coats. Puppies are 3 weeks in photos below!


Boy 1


Boy 1 -facing


Boy 2


Girl 1


Girl 1 with Jadon


Boy 2







Saddie (black roan) x Bushman puppies whelped 11/02/2015

Christmas Puppies! They should be ready to go home the week of Christmas! These puppies are 2 weeks old in photos below.



LHC Michaels City Slicken Saddie


Bushman on point 5 mos

Bushman (Sire for both Sissy and Saddie)


Sawyer, a 1.5 year old male Chocolate Labrador Retriever available. Please call or email for details. Great with children. Would be a great stud dog as well.

20150702_190327 20150702_190614

Here’s Our family photo taken on April 1, 2015!


Pointer Puppies – 5 weeks old! 3/13/2015

The Roland children work hard to earn money for their college funds! One way they are building their fund is by raising and training dogs and selling puppies. Another business they have started is in fine woodworking. Please See our other website to see some of their handcrafted pens and woodwork! If you purchase a puppy from us or a handcrafted item, you can know that you are helping support young men with their college fund!

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