News Update!

Thank you for visiting our website! We have ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT!


UPDATE ON CHOCOLATE LABRADORS: 5 clients on reservation list.

Our Chocolate Labradors, Bailey and Bruno, just added ELEVEN puppies to our kennel! Born on February 22, 2015. Available for pick up on April 17. We have 5 males and 6 females. This is a repeat litter so feel free to go to the gallery to see photos of offspring from Bailey and Bruno. (I will upload some of the pictures of when they are older as well.)




Our German Shorthaired Pointer, Ginger, had a litter of 9 puppies! Birth on February 5, 2015. Available for pickup on April 2, 2015. JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER! Individual pictures will be posted starting at week 2. We have 5 males and 4 females. (4 females and 2 males are roan like the sire, 3 males are liver and tick like their mother)

Updated POINTER Status: We have 9 clients on our list. contact us if you would like to be on the back-up list.

I attempted to take individual photos but they were so squirmy! Here are a few 2 week pix that I took. The roan pups are really starting to show their colors. Eyes are starting to open and pups are trying to stand. Puppies are healthy and mama is doing a great job taking care of them.


One week pictures.






The Roland Family, March 2014



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